WELCOME to Scientia Editing

Scientia Editing is dedicated to providing high quality language editing services to non-native English writers. We are a team of professional editors committed to assisting international researchers, academics and students in overcoming the language barrier that hinders the publication of their work in English-language journals.

We will polish the English use of your manuscript to increase its accuracy and impact and to make it stand up to international publication standards. The thorough language check we offer will ensure that your paper is written in correct Standard English, including sentence construction, word choice, grammar, spelling and style.

Why choose us?

Experience and expertise

Our editors have extensive experience in editing across a wide range of scientific disciplines and are committed to offering high quality services and support. We will serve you with our experience and expertise to help you communicate effectively your ideas and results through your manuscript.


You will have the opportunity to be in touch with the editor assigned to edit your manuscript to clarify any issues that might arise during editing and to make sure that your text is understood properly. In addition, you can contact us with any follow-up questions, even after the editing is completed.

Low prices

You will find our prices surprisingly affordable!

Short turnaround time

We are fast. Depending on the length of your manuscript, its editing will normally take 3 to 5 days. For urgencies, the manuscript can be returned within 24 hours after the payment is received.


Your document and personal details will remain completely confidential. No information provided by you will be passed on to third parties. All our editors have signed a non-disclosure agreement.



We are a team of professional editors with extensive experience of nearly a decade in English language editing. Our members are all highly qualified, MPhils and PhDs from institutions of high standing. We are committed to offering high quality services and support to international researchers, students and authors, who are attempting to get their work published in English-language journals. Our team has already served numerous authors from Asia, Europe and South America, offering their knowledge and editing skills across scientific disciplines, such as:

Biology: Chemistry: Earth Science: Linguistics: Literature: Medicine: Physics:
Bioengineering Analytical Methods Bioremediation Morphology English Literature Drug Development Atomic and Molecular Physics
Biomaterials Biochemistry Climate Pragmatics French Literature Homecare Biophysics
Drug Development Catalysis Ecology Psycholinguistics Literary Theory Nursing -
Forestry Organic Chemistry Environmental Science/Management Semantics - Public Health -
Microbiology Polymer Chemistry Geology Sociolinguistics - - -
Molecular Biology Process Chemistry and Technology Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Syntax - - -
Plant Science Pulp and Paper Industry Wildlife Management - - - -


We offer language editing of academic papers to researchers who are non-native speakers of English. A thorough language check will ensure that your paper is written in correct Standard English, including sentence construction, word choice, grammar, spelling and style. Having your manuscript fine-tuned will increase its impact and improve its chances of being accepted for publication.

All the changes made on your manuscript will be highlighted using the "Track Changes" feature, so you will be able to see exactly what was added or removed. This means that all editing can be tracked and you can accept or reject the changes, as you deem necessary, and respond to any comments and suggestions provided.

Our service is available in turnaround times of 3 to 5 working days, depending on the length of the manuscript. In case you have a very tight timeframe, please specify this in your message and we will try to fit the assignment into our schedule, so as to help you meet the deadline.




1. Upload your document and request a quote
Simply email us your document to receive a free cost estimate for our services. Please, also provide some personal information, such as your name and surname, institution, city and country, for our specific analytical purposes, as well as your timeframe for completion. We will send you back an official quote with the turnaround time required to edit your manuscript as soon as possible, usually within one working day, often much sooner.

2. Confirm acceptance of the quote
If you find the quote acceptable, the editing of your manuscript will start immediately.

3. Make the payment
When the process is complete, we will send you a sample of the work and request that you pay the quoted amount. Upon receipt of your payment, we will quickly send you your edited manuscript. Please note that the completed work cannot be sent until payment has been received in full.

4. Receive your edited document
You will receive a marked-up Word document containing all the changes made and any suggestions/queries inserted into Word comments (by the "Track Changes" feature). You can accept or reject any changes, as you deem necessary, and respond to any comments and suggestions provided. In case you make major changes to the manuscript and you are not sure about their correctness, you can send the paper back in maximum 48 hours and we will make a final edit of the manuscript free of charge.



Our pricing policy is very transparent as we charge per word - our standard fee is just € 0.01 per word, which means that editing a 3000-word document will cost only €30.

Please note that:
- The minimum charge to edit a manuscript is €20.00
- All applicable transaction costs should be added to the quote, so that the quoted amount is received in full.

Payment can be made securely via PayPal.
Visit the PayPal website to create an account and complete the transaction after submitting the manuscript.


Please note that although improving the language use of your manuscript increases its chances of being accepted for publication, benefiting from our services does not guarantee acceptance of the paper.

Scientia Editing is not responsible for the end use of the document edited through its services, clients are solely responsible for its appropriate use, including abiding by any copyright laws, plagiarism laws and publishing requirements.

The responsibility for any errors in the content of a document edited through our services rests solely with the client. Any language use errors will be corrected free of charge, if notified within 48 hours of receipt of the edited version.

Scientia Editing retains the right to reject work from any client that it deems illegal, immoral or objectionable.


If you have any questions regarding our editing services, please contact us at:
We will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

You can also use the form below to send us a message directly from the website.